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I had difficulty trying to stump it. You can not create recurring tasks at all in Google Tasks , which seems silly. Let's talk about poor design choices and functional failings of Google products. The number one feature for me when using any to-do app is the ability to see my day or my week at a quick glance and understand what the top priorities are.

Some to-do apps do this beautifully. Others struggle terribly.

‎Remember The Milk on the App Store

Remember the Milk gives you a number of views that help you get a quick overview of your week or your day. This makes it so much easier to shift tasks around so that your week workload is better balanced. The Microsoft To-Do dashboard is non-existent. Wrike uses an interesting approach to dashboarding tasks.

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It groups tasks by today , this week , next week , and later. This means tasks have assignees. But online collaboration with clients and teams can quickly become complicated and stressful. We show you free tools to build a reliable workflow.

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When I contacted Wrike customer support about this, they tried to say this was normal behavior. Since this bug caused me to miss tasks, this was the primary reason I eventually moved on from Wrike permanently. As mentioned earlier in this article, AnyDo uses a Kanban type system where cards can be shifted around between projects and between due dates.


So, you can easily shift a task from today to tomorrow by dragging the task card over to tomorrow. This is one area that Todoist gets bonus points. Todoist offers the ability to view tasks by Today and Next 7 days. This makes organizing both daily work and weekly work very easy. No surprise, Google Tasks falls short in this area too. The last thing you want is a to-do app that is isolated from the rest of the world.

Let’s Compare the Best To-Do Apps

One of the most effective ways to become more productive is by automating things 10 Productivity Bots to Automate Tasks and Save Time 10 Productivity Bots to Automate Tasks and Save Time Whenever a repetitive task follows a pattern, consider automating it. Artificial intelligence AI bots can learn these patterns and save you time.

As you can see, even in the area of integrations with other services, Remember The Milk comes out on top.

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Hopefully, the overview above, drawn from many years of experience with these apps, will help you make a better decision without wasting all of your time doing it. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I used Toodledo for the last 5 years and loved it. Because of the pricing change, I took a serious look at other options and decided on Remember the Milk. RTM has come a long way since the last time I looked at it years ago.

The smart to-do app for busy people.

Several things that I an enjoying: Overdue tasks are automatically migrated into today's tasks instead of remaining in an "overdue" section at the top of the list. Yesterday's "medium" priority task not finished appear with today's "medium" tasks and so forth. Toodledo is planning something like this. Todoist has a button you can click to reschedule.

RTM handled it for you. The overdue tasks retain their original due date s that you can easily identify them. Not only do I have a note section for each task in the free version Toodledo has it; Todoist does not , RTM allows multiple notes For me, this is huge when the task is "Call Bob" and you get his voicemail. So easy to document the date and time you tried to return the call. You can assign tasks to other people even in the free account.

This is a paid feature in Toodledo. The multi-select function is nice, and it's also available on the app.

Remember The Milk

I can check items as needed and then apply an element to all of them in mass assign priority, assign due date, postpone by a certain number of days. I tried several of these apps over the past 5 years. I stopped using the MS product due to syncing problems. Same with Todoist. One day it stopped syncing with my phone. I changed to Wunderlist and never looked backed. But most of all, it faithfully syncs with my tablet, phone, laptop, and desktop PCs. No 2 or 3 step method at the end of the day. It just works. I've heard great things about Wunderlist, but it was acquired by Microsoft in While Wunderlist still seems to be available as MS Todo is still in pretty active development, the future for Wunderlist seems bleak.

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  7. The one feature RTM did not have when I tested it was the ability to share lists with others. That collaboration feature was imperative when I was planning tasks for my wedding because there was no way I would have been able to do it all on my own. That made it useless to me. Adding a daily task of emailing a task list and updating as people replied was more work than any feature or ease of use RTM provided.

    The on thing all these apps get terribly wrong in my opinion is how they use "due dates". To me a due date is a deadline, the day the task has to be completed or there will be consequences. But all these apps force you to use the due dates to organize on which days to "do" the tasks. This way there is no real sense anymore of what has a real deadline. And it encourages you to do tasks on the days they are do. Day planning is one of the most important productivity habits, and none of these apps support that in a way that truly makes sense.

    This was the main reason I made a todo app for myself that has "do dates" and "due dates" and is focused around day planning. It's called Amazing Marvin. It just launched and there are still plenty of features to come like integrations but it does have all the basics and some unique features super focus mode, time tracking, time targets, task jar etc. Christina W, same here. I feel the same way about organizinig 'due dates'.

    And though the RTM has the 'start date' feature , all its embedded lists are more focused to organize your workflow about 'due dates'. I think its too much complicated. And for now I find more convinient for me the way NirvanaHQ uses. I would humbly suggest a look at Toodledo I have no interest in Toodledo beyond being a user But I'd be happy to talk about my use of the app.

    I spent a lot of time looking into options and have found Toodledo to be the best for me and I think many others would see the same. It's an easy way to make sure you never forget to finish any of your tasks. Google Tasks is a very simple task list. Works inside Gmail, Android, and Calendar seamlessly. Menu Sign Up.

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    Creating Sublists Easily (Organizing)

    Add Google Tasks to Remember the Milk. When this happens Google Tasks New Task. Then do this Remember The Milk Add a Task. Try It—Get Started Free! Why Zapier? Other Ways to Connect Google Tasks.