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Enter email to get notified. Storage 16 GB 16 GB. Lithium - Polymer Processor: Dual Core A5. Indulge in the best tablet experience with the iPad Mini from Apple. Crafted with brilliance in every inch, this Tab is going to define your elite status. Up To 10 hours Web-surfing. Rate Product. I assume I can give a proper feedback on the product. Delivery from flipkart was as always good, well packed, received on the 2nd day.

As always Apple has built this product keeping user experience as their top priority. Premium build. No other tablet comes even closer to this in terms of build quality Not even iPad 4, except iPad Air which was laun Kiran Shivanna Certified Buyer 26 Jan, I was never a big fan of apple because of its so called rules Ankit shrivastava Certified Buyer 2 Jan, I will pick iPad Mini for many reasons: First , Display Nexus 7 does have better resolution and hence more ppi whereas iPad Mini has very good color saturation which means you have only one option , If u want crispiness get N7 , whereas if u want screen to pop up colors nicely , get Mini.

As far as Display is concerned ppi isn't that bad for average users. For those who are using iPad 3 for a while or iPhone 4 , 4S , 5 or iPod Touch 4th would feel that this display isn't good but remain Instead of repeated praising let me tell you some facts. Hope this will help you chose the right tab - I know a lot of people in India are confused between iPad and android tabs. If you are planning to buy nexus 7 yes even the new one which launched on 24 july you can't get the battery backup and apps that apple provides. Don't just go for the specs as apples MHz processor in iPhone 4 i Vipin Mohan 27 Jul, Flipkart delivered much before the delivery date.

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Apple iPad 2012 32GB WiFi and 3G Brief Description

Compaq Presario Laptop Pricelist May Compaq has some very well priced laptops in the Presario series. The models cost between and WiFi is standard on all the models and blue tooth is supported in the upper end of the spectrum. To summarize HP has provided good value-for-money through the Presario series. The prices excluding taxes for May are given below The prices for the complete Compaq Presario range is given below. With that in mind, there are a couple approaches you can try to determine what typing method is right for you. The ideal method might also change depending on where you are and how the iPad is oriented when using it.

Typing Method 1: Thumbs The most flexible approach is to type with your thumbs, which can be done whether sitting or standing.

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In portrait mode: To stabilize the iPad and prevent it from flopping over and falling out of your hands, stretch both of your index fingers upwards towards the top of the iPad as much as is comfortable. Alternately, thanks to iOS 5, thumb-typing in landscape mode has now become painless. Normally, the keyboard is still docked to the bottom of the screen, and can be hard to reach the center of the keyboard with thumbs.

You can then choose to split the keyboard, with makes it easier for your thumbs to reach all keys, when the iPad is in landscape mode. You can also choose to undock the keyboard, which centers it vertically on the screen, instead of at the bottom.

Typing Method 2: Full Fingers I've found this next method to be even more useful, though it requires you to be is best used while seated, with the iPad in resting in your lap, or on something soft, preferably with the iPad in landscape mode. With the iPad situated securely on your legs, you'll find it becomes easier to type with your full range of digits fingers , like you would on a full sized physical keyboard.

I find it slightly awkward, though, to hit the spacebar frequently with the side of my thumbs as you typically would on a physical keyboard. Still, whether you use your thumbs for the spacebar, or decide to use your fingers instead, you'll still find yourself typing slightly faster than with the thumbs-only hunt-and-peck method.

Apple iPad 2012 16GB WiFi only Price in India

Also, this typing method doesn't work well with the iPad resting any anything hard and flat like a desk or table, as the rounded backside of the iPad causes it to wobble uncontrollably while trying to type. However, if placement on a hard surface is a must, you might try putting something soft under the iPad to stabilize it. Typing Method 3: Speech to Text Now, Apple has brought us an even more convenient way to type, thanks to Siri! Just hit the microphone icon on the lower-left side of the keyboard, and start speaking.

In most cases, your words will be transcribed into the currently active text field, with potentially mis-interpreted words underlined in blue. Just select any such word, and a list of possible alternates will pop up for your choosing. You can also speak most punctuation, such as 'period', 'open-paren', 'close-paren', 'hyphen' and more.

At times though, network congestion does hinder the ability for this feature to work properly, so hopefully that will improve over time. Other methods of typing on the iPad include the external keyboard, as well as third party speech-to-text transcription apps, but with Siri's voice transcription feature built in, the latter is no longer necessary. The iPad was born to surf the Web, but content on the Web is often best viewed vertically, and the new Retina display's x resolution renders that content more crisply than ever, especially in portrait orientation vertical.

Working within the Safari Web-browsing app, the interface is swift and responsive. However, not all your sites will work desirably on the iPad. However, regardless of whether Apple likes it or not, Flash is being used around the Web, not only for advertising and video but for many other uses from graphs to product comparisons, but they don't seem to care anyway. So expect some of your sites to only be supported to a certain degree, if not entirely in some cases.

This can be a bit of a bummer until Flash starts being replaced with other technologies like HTML5's canvas technology, which is poised to take on some of Flash's most familiar capabilities. Alternately, you can jailbreak your iPad when a jailbreak is released for the new model , which would allow you to circumvent the Flash limitation.

Granted, I don't often actually find myself surfing the web with the iPad for a few reasons. First of all, I prefer the display to be parallel with my face, but for the iPad that means craning my neck downwards and after a while that gets tiring. I also tend to do a lot of typing on the sites I use, and typing a lot on the iPad isn't really an enjoyable experience.

There are however some keyboard alternatives if you decide that on-screen typing isn't for you. I just find it easier to work from a laptop when I'm on the go, and the 11" MacBook Air fits that bill simply enough for me.

Apple iPad 2012 32GB WiFi and 3G

Finally, when I browse the Web on my computer , I typically have more than 9 tabs open at any given time. I say that because the iPad's browser limits you to 9 tabs. If you rarely use more than 9 tabs when browsing the Web though, the iPad may be right for you.

It also makes managing emails easier, such as moving messages to other folders or to the trash. Another reason for landscape mode is to make typing those lengthy emails easier using typing-method 2 mentioned above. Important Note: With the growing number of portable web connecting devices, there is one concern I want to express on your behalf.

When you close the Mail app, it continues running in the background, even after disconnecting from one WiFi hotspot and reconnecting to another. My concern with this is that if haven't set up your e-mail with a secure connection, and you connect to a public WiFi hotspot that a malicious user is monitoring, then the instant your mail app connects to the hotspot to check your e-mail, your e-mail credentials may be suddenly compromised.

To avoid this you definitely want to be using some kind of secure connection for your e-mail if at all possible. Web-based email such as Gmail typically support this out of the box, and Gmail accounts are the easiest to setup on the iPad. While the x resolution of the iPad is a standard 4: Some may not like that though, but I don't see a wide-screen iPad coming to market for a while. Netflix videos stream quickly and even moving the play position back and forth in the timeline, the movie starts playing very quick without much time rebuffering the video.

I do that, and it works quite well! Even low-light pictures are better than ever, though there's still room for improvement there.

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  • There's also a new iPhoto app from Apple for five bucks that lets you organize, edit and share your photos right on the iPad! As if that's not enough, there's built-in Picture Frame mode that lets you use the iPad's gorgeous Retina display to showcase your favorite photos, using clever transition effects like "Dissolve" with "Zoom in on Faces", or the nifty multi-photo "Origami" effect.

    In this review's comments, I'll include a helpful link to an article that shows you how to set up and use this mode. Plus, you can now record full-HD p videos, instead of just the previous p videos. These incredibly high-quality videos take up an incredibly large amount of storage space! Usually its "getting something done" though some people tend to believe that it's the ability to focus without being distracted, which I see as one of the iPad's strengths because of its one-app-seen-at-a-time multitasking approach.

    In the context of software though, applications that allow you to edit office documents are commonly referred to as productivity software. Apple's own suite of productivity apps, collectively called "iWork", has been re-created from the ground up just for the iPad. Previously it was only available for Macs. For work-minded individuals, it will probably one of the most popular uses of the iPad.

    There are three apps in all: Pages is a word processing app that allows you to create and edit word processing documents.

    Apple ipad 2 Price list October | Zyxware Technologies

    Then there's Numbers, which allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. Finally there's Keynote, which lets you create or edit presentations and slideshows including PowerPoint files. So far, I've found the latter to be pretty invaluable in giving personal presentations within small groups or one-on-one meetings. However, there is a whole category of iPhone and iPad-specific apps dedicated to productivity, and they're naturally located under the category titled "productivity" in the categories section of the app store. Remember, any app that works for the iPhone will run on the iPad, but do note that there are some exceptional productivity apps made or updated for the iPad specifically.

    Ultimately, I still see the iPad as a productivity device more than as a gaming console. Regardless, the iPhone and iPad changed the game on that. Millions of people use their computers for gaming, and with the iPhone and iPod Touch having taken on a clear role as a gaming console that has been as revolutionary for mobile gaming as the Wii was for living-room gaming, it goes without saying that the iPad is, and will continue to be, a decent platform for playing games.

    Most Android games look terrible on tablet-sized screens, but iPad game developers have taken care of us with good quality iPad versions of most iPhone games. Board games and lap-friendly games are also perfect for the iPad. Meanwhile, I suspect that games heavily dependent on device-rotation and other accelerometer-based interaction may quickly wear you out do to the weight of the iPad.

    Shift after about 5 minutes. Resting the iPad on my knee didn't help much. The ability to print documents right from your iPad came along last year, with the iOS 4 update, but there are some caveats. Your printer must support "AirPrint" or, if yours doesn't, you might have some success working with some software called Printopia if you have a Mac with a shared printer. Google AirPrint or Printopia for more info and device compatibility. From there, printing is easy. The iPad will walk you through the process of locating the printer and setting up the printing options the first time around.

    For more information about printing with your iPad, I'll linked to some informative off-site pages in the first comment for this review.

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