Top ten ios 6 cydia themes

WinterBoard enables you to do just that, by allowing you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to completely change the look and feel of your iOS device. You can also customize all kinds of system sound with Winterboard. LockInfo is my favorite jailbreak tweak for the Lock screen.

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With LockInfo, you can check my emails, access the Twitter feed and easily dismiss notifications from the Lock screen. It makes me a lot more productive or that is what I think. LockInfo also gives you give access to your Favorite Contacts and the weather widget on the Lock screen.

Part 1. Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak (Updating)

Auxo is the best replacement for iOS app switcher and the bes jailbreak app of The app cards makes it easier to identify the app you want to launch from the app switcher. It allows you to remove apps from the app switcher by swiping down on the app and kill multiple apps by using multiple fingers.

It also gives you quick access to frequently used Settings toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, orientation lock , Airplane mode etc. Zephyr brings cool multitasking gestures to the iPhone. It has recently been updated with a three-finger gesture to close apps and also to select the screen area where you want the gestures to work, which is useful if you use gesture based apps like Gmail, Facebook etc. Springtomize is the mother all jailbreak tweaks that allows you to customize every aspect of the iOS. It has been completely rewritten for iOS 6. It also allows you to enable features such as Panorama, HDR etc.

The jailbreak apps tweaks mentioned above are my top 10 picks, but it would be unfair, if I stopped at just 10 as I also have these great jailbreak tweaks installed on my iPhone 5.

Best iOS 11.3.1- 11.4 Cydia jailbreak themes- 2 [Updated]

Illumine is under constant support, which means new icons keep on adding to the theme. Best of all, despite its whopping download size over 20 MB and wide variety of customizations, Illumine is free. One great tip regarding illumine would be to use it with the reflective dock tweak. The glowing neons look much cooler when they get reflected.

Ultimate Chrome is another all-metal look for the iPhone or iPod Touch. The theme outlook is a cool, brushed silver chrome with a great set of customizing features, including custom loader screens, a nice lockscreen that works great with AndroidLock, LiveClock, WeatheriCon, iPod Skin, SMS theme, Keyboard, some Cydia icons and apps store icons framed in Chrome.

The 30+ Best Cydia Apps Tweaks Themes & Widgets Of 2013 - iOS 6+ iPhone 5/4S/4 & iPod Touch 5G/4G

We will bring you something even better next week! In the meanwhile, your comments will let us know how you found this list, so please, keep them coming! Home Mobile.

Best iOS Cydia jailbreak themes- 2 [Updated]

Get daily tips in your inbox. Related Reading. All you need is a jailbroken phone. If you have not jailbroken you iPhone, you can check out these guides for help. Once your jailbreak is complete, you'll need to go into Cydia and download WinterBoard, which is essential if you wish to change any visuals on your iPhone.

Cydia and WinterBoard are all you really need to get started.

Original themes:

Now that you have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia and WinterBoard installed, we can commence with the cloning process. It's been a few weeks since the beta version was released, and themers have been hard at work creating lookalike iOS 7 themes. The most complete version was created by pw5a29 and is available in the Modmyi repo, simply called iOS 7 Theme. Once installed, head over to WinterBoard and check out all the iOS 7 items listed for your device. This theme includes nearly everything you need for a convincing iOS 7 clone, except a few items, which I'll cover next.

I use the calculator a lot because I was an English major and math is far from my strong suit. While the iOS 6 calculator is perfectly adequate, it could still use a bit of sprucing up, and that's exactly what Apple did in iOS 7. Respring and your new Calculator is ready for use. The new iOS also includes a few minor changes to the status bar. Instead of the standard vertical signal bars, Apple opted for horizontal dots and a slight update to the battery icon, which turns green when charging. It seems that iOS 7 is finally addressing some of the WTF questions many iPhone users had regarding the lack of a live clock icon.

Finally, iOS 7 brings this case to a close.

Updates: Added new themes

Once LiveClock is installed and you respring your device, your clock icon should be ticking away. You may have noticed a few BytaFont applications in the Apple App Store, but these apps are fake and cost money. DO NOT download these applications as they will not work!