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The other cheats are bogus! Complete waste of time. The guys at EA don't want us to cheat. There's no pride in the town you create if you can get everything with a cheat. I've played a while now and tried most of them out but I'm afraid it's all rubbish. You just have to level up, or pay for them.

Time travelling setting your time forward doesn't work either. The game is set to their servers.

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It does nothing. During the Halloween and Xmas holidays I've noticed there is opportunity to make lots of new buildings, gain characters and gain a few doughnuts. I gained 40 in total after I paid for the dog, two funzos and the buildings. It was good of EA to trade in coins for the stockings which gave out a lot of doughnuts. If you play you will see results. It is simply as simple as that. Add me chris.

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Free Donuts from Homer!! Added 1 Nov , ID It worked for me and my brother!!! If you tap on homer 10 times continuously you will get free donuts!! I think you get 10 donuts but I'm not sure..

Press question mark to see available shortcut keys

Worth a try though!! D your welcome guys! Statue and 10 donuts really works!! Added 22 Feb , ID All you have to do is tap on homer to open the task menu and tap on him 10 or more times and then a message will say"you have discovered the super secret cheat" then you will get the jbediah Springfield statue and 10 donuts. ADD ME: How to get 10 free donughts Added 2 Apr , ID Keep tapping homer if be is not doing a job. Homer mypad Added 9 Oct , ID The cheat when you tap homer in the pool also works when he is on his mypad.

Just make him to the task, click on him while he is doing it and then keep tapping on him. You will receive 10 donuts and a Jebidh Springfield statue. Doing this cheat on the mypad is quicker and easier. Homer Added 31 Dec , ID Tap on homer 10 times and you will receive 10 donuts. This only works once though.


Ten extra donuts Added 20 Oct , ID Tap homer to display his tasks then tap him ten times and you'll get donuts Also add me skooter77 I'm always on. Homer is Tapped Out!! Added 1 Mar , ID While your at your Springfield tap homer about the whole time then after that it will give donuts jehdiah statue Good luck! Click on Homer.

That shouls take you to his levels.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Cheats for iPhone/iPad

Then click on him 10 times. Homer will start to laugh a message will come up and tell you if you have done it right. Make homer run after you Added 23 Apr , ID To make homer run after you, you must make sure he is away from the pool! Then open his menu and make lounge in the pool BUT before he goes in move the pool around and he will follow it. I think you can do this with other people and things to! If homer gets in the pool before you move simply put it in your inventory and that will cancel the task don't forget to take it back out though!

ADD ME mego Tap homer 10 times for free donuts and premium statue, also when giving jobs to people usually a lot of liitle jobs are better then large jobs, and be patient! Artifact trouble Added 10 Oct , ID Alot of people have been complianin that when the artifact has been built nothing happens You will know wen it is complete. How to get 10 Free Donuts- Works 1 Time! Added 26 Dec , ID Confirm by tapping "Continue" Add me as a friend Lvl. Jebbadah donut statue Added 24 Aug , ID Open homers tasksheet and tap him ten times to get a bronze statue and ten donuts. The mayan outfit for homer Added 25 Oct , ID After the artifact to be puzzled check if the artifact is placed righht if not rotate it there will be a characther shown then you need to answer the question Answer is the zune then homer will have a mayan outfit.

Free Burning Bush Premuim Item! Added 23 Nov , ID Near the mountain area.

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There is a piece of land that has this item. Buy that land and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free. All you grinchy types who refused for some reason to put x-mas decorations up, maybe you can get some Xmas cheer AND gather a few coins over the next several days. If you HAVE already been collecting coins and were worried that theyd just disappear like the Halloween candy did, ack.

Fear not! You can now trade in coins for Christmas stockings and in exchange for 50 coins get either 1 donut, 2 donuts, 3 donuts, or a free reindeer. This will apparently be in Effect until January I just traded in coins and now have donuts and 11 reindeer. Free homer Added 6 Aug , ID If want to get free stuff from homer then fallow the steps below step1: I've found that the max of friends you can have is I've found that inactive players are best to visit as long as they have Halloween buildings cause they are the ones you get best results on.

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Administrator Posts: I do not take Credit for this in anyway, Just to help people out. This is For Version 4. Jailbroken I Device This File: First download the latest version of iFunbox here and install it. Connect your iDevice with your Computer 3. Start up iFunbox 4. Click on the iFunbox Classic tab 5.

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