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Finally, ColorNote even allows you to stick your notes to your homepage with the ColorNote widget. ColorNote on Google Play Store. On the way to the movie theater, Flixster lets you play the trailer, view photos, and even rate the movie. Movies on Google Play Store. Internet tethering has been around since Android 2. To share with your connection with your computer, you can download the PdaNet desktop client.

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June Fabrics also released an application for tablets that makes it easier to share data to your Android tablet. PdaNet on Google Play Store. TV Listings supports over 13, channels and over service providers. Finally, TV Listings also displays lists that are specific to movies and sports. Games have always been a cornerstone of the Android app market. And, being able to play with your friends has made games even more addicting than ever.

The game has the same idea as that of Scrabble. After signing up for an account and registering with your Facebook account, Word with Friends will be able to tell you which of your friends are playing. If you enjoy word games and being able to play with your friends, Zynga has also made Hanging with Friends for Android Hangman and will also be releasing Scramble with Friends very soon.

Words with Friends on Google Play Store. Android users have not had a definite platform for listening to and buying music until now. Google Music is a music player and storage service that lets you keep your music collection online so you can save space on your Android device.

You can also upload up to 20, songs straight to Google Music from your computer and listen to all of your songs and music from any Internet-connected device. The Google Music interface also completely destroys its competition. Google Music is definitely the best Android music player out there. Google Music on Google Play Store. The Weather is unpredictable. The Weather Channel is one of the best weather applications—if not the best—on the Google Play Store.

The app is easy to use and offers a wide variety of information. After inserting your location, The Weather Channel will instantly load the current weather.

The top 50 Android phone apps

Flick Kick Field Goal brings all of the pressure of being a field goal kicker to the Android. Flick Kick has quickly become one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, within several game modes, the objective of the game is to flick the football in between the uprights the two poles on the field goal. While you are playing the game, wind and distance will constantly try to knock the ball away.

But, with the right amount of power and angle from your finger, you can beat all 3 game modes and your friends.

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Calling all sports fans! ESPN ScoreCenter will keep you up to the minute with your favorite sports teams and leagues no matter where you go. ScoreCenter also allows you to save your favorite teams in the myTeams section for instant access. Wikipedia has been accessible from mobile devices since However, the true mobile website for smartphones did not come out until Now, with the Wikipedia app for Android, you can get all of the information Wikipedia has to offer in a very easy to use application.

The Wikipedia app houses over 20 million articles in languages.

If you find an interesting article that you want to keep on your phone, the app allows you to save it for offline reading. Wikipedia on Google Play Store. If you enjoy downloading and playing with multiple launchers, including your standard Android one, Home Switcher is an app that you must have. Home Switcher lets you see all of your installed launchers homes and pick which one to open.

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In addition, Home Switcher allows you to choose which launcher you want to set as your default one. For example, when you press the home button on your phone, this launcher will come up. Home Switcher on Google Play Store. Have you ever noticed that the standard Android battery indicator does not include the percent battery remaining?

Battery Indicator is the best way to find out exactly how much battery you have left without opening the Settings menu or other applications. Battery Indicator on Google Play Store. Although it is definitely not the first of its kind, it does offer the ability to decipher your sentences rather than only accepting certain commands. Iris, Siri spelled backwards, was released soon after Siri and even the developers claim that it is a Siri clone. Iris allows you tell your phone to. To show just how amazing the app is, the Iris team put Iris up against Siri. With the help of ChaCha and other information databases, Iris seems to be giving much better information without having to launch the browser.

Take a look for yourself:. Most phones have these pre-installed; if not, please install them from the Google Play Store before you try Iris. Iris on Google Play Store. By now, most Android users are aware of malware, spyware, and trojans that exist even on the Android platform. Lookout Mobile Security is like an antivirus program for your Android device.

Whenever a new app is downloaded and installed, Lookout will automatically scan it to ensure that it is safe. However, Lookout is not bulky or annoying like most antivirus programs and runs mostly in the background. In addition, by going to myLookout. Widgets have always been the centerpiece of the Android platform.

Beautiful Widgets is a set of custom widgets that include clock, weather, date, and toggle widgets. Beautiful Widgets will completely enhance your home page in addition to giving you instant access to the most important information without having to open any app. Each widget is customizable in size and can be combined with skins to ensure that the widgets fit in with the rest of your phone. LevelUp Studio is so confident that you will love Beautiful Widgets that they are extending the refund policy from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Beautiful Widgets on Google Play Store. One of the best features about Android is having total control of customization. More specifically, launchers and skins give Android users access to tons of new user interfaces and also features. Over , people, including us, have already downloaded the launcher. As on the iOS versions, too, you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook logons, and suddenly the series of links that friends were recommending on social networks is represented. It may make you reassess who you are friends with.

Swiftkey Flow Beta. How to set up your new iPad mini. Free As more people use mobile phones to communicate, so more people too are being frustrated by the usual keyboard experience. The process is a lot faster than the traditional method of tapping. But Swiftkey takes the idea to another level: Tie it with your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter accounts and it can learn from your existing style.

Free Tablets and phones are fundamentally changing the way broadcasters do business, and the many excellent applications demonstrate how seriously Virgin, Sky and the BBC must take the new model.

Android apps of the year 2012

The iPlayer is five years old and also going strong. The great thing, though, remains the content and its easy availability. Sky leads the pack in terms of both availability and quality of application.

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Free Sonos is a wireless music system that lets you stream your radio or music around the house to different zones. Over the course of its app has been upgraded to let you stream directly from an iPod or iPhone, too, and it also includes integration with services such as Spotify.

That gives you instant access to almost every tune you could ever wish for, all in an intuitive, easy interface.

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The wonder of Sonos, however, is in music suddenly appearing around the home, thanks to a tap of the screen of your phone. The speakers are worth every penny. The selling point is its raw speed, minimalist look and background, six-weekly updates. Even Mac users have taken to the browser with alacrity unprecedented for a Google product. Tabs that are open on the desktop can be sent to and seen, already open, on the mobile version.

So you need never lose your place on the web. In the tablet version, this is particularly good. With the release of the new iPhone 5, it surged 40 per cent. Cerberus, like a supercharged Find My iPhone, offers remote control of your lost phone either via the web or text messages and means you can remote sound an alarm, lock the device, get a list of recent calls and record audio.

Some may worry that this sounds like a tracking device for suspicious spouses, but it has already been responsible for countless recovered phones. Free Pingit allows anyone with a UK current account and mobile phone number to send and receive cash, without having to share bank details. Users must also use a new, five-digit PIN code to access the app, which Barclays claims was developed with the help of its own and mobile banking security experts. Mr Gilchrist says the registration process asks for a large number of personal details to verify that a user is who they say they are.

To send money, customers can use the app available on iOS, Android and Blackberry, or they can register online to receive payments regardless of what type of phone they use. Infuriatingly, however, non-Barclays customers' accounts are confirmed by post rather than online, and a new letter is sent every time you change phones. Nonetheless, it's an app that chages your attitude to money.