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These include the ability to search different file types with advanced operators as well as a system to reference individual files and folders throughout iOS with local URLs. DEVONthink isn't completely new to me: I eventually abandoned the app because I didn't need its power-user features at the time, and Evernote was good enough. DEVONthink for iOS still doesn't sport feature parity with macOS particularly in terms of AI-infused document filing options , and there are some functionalities I'm not interested in, but there's also a lot I enjoy and want to implement in my longform writing projects.

In DEVONthink, you can set up multiple databases and individually sync them with multiple cloud services.

One of the app's immediate advantages over alternatives is that you can choose Dropbox sync on a per-database basis and add encryption with a passphrase on top. In the Location Sync settings, you can even select whether DEVONthink should always keep a downloaded copy of your files or if it should only download them on-demand and discard them once you're done viewing them.

The latter is a nice solution to the problem of keeping thousands of documents in the cloud but having limited storage space on an iOS device. All of the app's supported document types plain and rich text files, media, bookmarks, web archives, and more can be organized in groups folders. DEVONthink's item links are consistent across platforms: This menu includes a useful media picker with shortcuts for the last photo taken and a photo from your clipboard. There's also automatic recognition of copied URLs that prompts you to add a bookmark.

For a while now, I've felt the need to permanently archive webpages I may need again in the future such as technical documents and videogame guides.

A webpage shared with the extension can be a bookmark, a Markdown text-only version of the page, or a web archive in DEVONthink. Mac users should be familiar with the web archive format: Imagine Reading List's ability to save articles for offline consumption in their original format, but with actual files that you can organize in a database.

Read Word files on your iPad

For example, you may find it impossible to select text—a pretty significant problem for a word processor! You can edit your Word document on an iPad by using the native editors built into any of numerous other iPad apps that connect directly to Google Docs or other services.

Editing Word documents on an iPad

All five of the following all-in-one office suites for the iPad include word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools. They all can edit documents from Microsoft Word and offer direct ties to a variety of cloud-based services, including Google Docs and Dropbox , making it easy to get documents in and out. It also offers a good range of formatting controls. The app displays some imported elements, such as graphics and tables, without letting you edit them. Additional editing features include adjustable paragraph spacing, find and replace, and word count.

‎Docs To Go Standard on the App Store

It also offers a respectable range of formatting controls for word-processing documents, such as font, size, style, text and highlight color, alignment, indentation, and bulleted and numbered lists. You can adjust paragraph spacing; create multiple columns; add or edit tables and graphics; set page, column, and section breaks; set margins and tab stops; add footnotes and endnotes; check your spelling, and see your current word count. It also has a find without replace feature. It also offers internal bookmarks and external hyperlinks, find and replace, page layout options, and somewhat awkward comment editing.

Polaris Office leaves much formatting intact including comments , but strips out or modifies other elements such that the edited document may not closely resemble the original.

There's no way to add images to new slides, while text editing options are basic and animation capabilities are non-existent. Creating new slides and editing existing ones is done using a separate editing mode which isn't WYSIWYG, so you have to constantly flip between editing and viewing modes which is awkward.

DataViz Documents To Go Premium for iPad and iPhone review

It is possible to display slides and presenter notes on an external monitor or projector using Apple's VGA adapter, but we wish it was possible to show just the notes on the iPad and not on the external display. DTGP does have some useful editing features though, most of which aren't present in iWork. Word processing documents have word count and support for Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature, both of which are gaping omissions in iWork's Pages.

PDFs can be viewed, but unsurprisingly can't be edited. The smaller screens on those devices makes editing and creating new documents even more cumbersome, but the app still has most of the same features as on the iPad. Your iPhone or iPod Touch will need to be running iOS 4 if you want the ability to open files sent as email attachments though.

Edit Word documents with Apple’s Pages

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Read our review to find out. Alan Lu Reviews 26 Aug, Documents To Go Premium has lots of convenient ways of accessing your files, but file format compatibility is incomplete and potentially destructive while the interface can be cumbersome.

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For all but straightforward, simple documents, the app is better suited for viewing files rather than serious editing and document creation.