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To do this, you must first find the perimeter of the phone. Take the flat string, and tape it somewhere on the edge of the phone. Then, tightly "wrap" the string around the edges of the phone, using tape to hold it down if necessary. When you get back to the starting point, cut the string. Now measure the string, the length will be your perimeter. Now that you have the perimeter, you must find the length of the sides length and width just before the rounded corner of the phone see picture.

Measure the green and pink edges, and add the lengths together. In my case, my side lengths were approximately 4. You may have noticed that if you take the 4 corners highlighted yellow and pieced them together, you get a full circle!

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For me, r was about 0. The fillet radius will be needed later in the CAD work. Another thing to point out are the cables, which should be measured and dimensioned where the plastic is, not where the metal is. This is because you want the opening to be big enough to fit the plastic part, or else the cables can't be plugged in with the case on. With all the data and measurements, we can now proceed to model the case on your favorite CAD software.

So the first thing that must be done is to outline the inside of the case, where the phone will actually sit. A good idea would be to take the actual exact dimensions of the phone, and "rounding it up" a bit.

3D Printing a phone case for an LG G3 mobile phone

For example, if you have a measurement of 2. This is because if you make the case the exact same dimensions as the phone, it may not fit in the case as well as you'd like. The exact length and width of my phone were 4. Alternately, you could use the "Sand and Drill" method I mentioned earlier. Anyways, back to the drawing.

digital phone case 3d printer

Now you will need to apply the fillet radius to the corners of the rectangle shaped box you made. Since I have a 0. After that, you can use your amazing CAD skills to draw out the rest of your phone case, but remember that the shape you just added the fillet radius to is the inside; you need to add your chosen case thickness to the OUTSIDE of it.

Same dimensions and all as picture 1, but with the 0. Finished top half of my case, you can see the slots and holes on the sides, where the buttons and stuff come out. Picture 4: Finished bottom half of my case, you can see the slot cut out for the camera, as well as the 4 "tongues" that lock in place when pressed into the top half.

Now you can export your model as an stl. After you print it, you may have some problems fitting the parts because you made them too small accidental or on purpose or the printer misprinted something. Either way, that's where the sandpaper comes in!

How to Create Your Own Custom 3D Printed IPhone Case

If the case was designed too large, then you can learn from your mistakes and remake the model. For me, everything turned out fine, except the headphone cable hole was a little small so I slightly widened it with a drill. If you want to look at my model, I've included the stl. Once again I would like to thank my school for letting me use their 3D printer Now that you've built the basic phone case, why not improve?

You can add different shapes, textures, patterns Although it is not possible to 3D print in multiple colors as of now, you could still paint the case after printing. I would also like to mention one of the mistakes that I made on my phone case; the casing itself was made a bit too thick! I chose a 0. Luckily for me I have decently long nails, but for those people who don't have long nails, I wouldn't recommend making a case thicker than 0.

But whatever you want to do with this is entirely up to you And also if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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I dropped my phone twice during the making of this phone case. I dropped it once while measuring it and again after I put the case on. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. By joeismydad Follow. More by the author: So, without further ado, let's get started. Materials Needed: Your phone, obviously Headphone cable and phone charger cable, you'll need to measure the dimensions to accommodate these. String, preferably some type of flat and ribbon-like see picture Clear Tape, used to tape the string down Tools Needed: I don't actually have a 3D Printer, but there is one at my school and they were nice enough to let me use it Thanks school: P Dial or Digital Calipers: Used to measure the length of the string and to determine the fillet radius with the string.

A longer ruler can be used in place of the yardstick, but the ruler length should be 15 inches or longer. I like to use Autodesk Inventor because that is the program I am most familiar with, but feel free to use what you like. These are optional if you need to make minor changes to your print, or if you want to use the "Sand and Drill" method more on this later. Some detailed but messy notes More notes Method of finding perimeter.

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