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Great animation? Double check. I really like NBA live. It is really fun.

You get to play 4 full quarts!!! You also get to pick any NBA team! You can also get MVP players. Finally you can make it to the playoffs but you have to get through the season. Also can you make us play multiplayer with our friends. Finally can you make like little show kind of like every time were about to start like make the teams talk. The best thing that you guys should make is the NBA fights those would be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That would make me tell everybody about this game make people want to play it. Make the players make some hand gestures. Make us hear some trash from the fans. Make us see the coaches yell.


Overall, this is a really fun game. But it has way more potential to be an amazing game. The training also looks different in the video. Anyway, my first suggestion is to allow you to sub your bench players in in-game. For example, the legends started as 89s and to do the set you had to get 4 worse legend cards for that player. Well now, the legends are 96s and the best player in their sets are 90s.

How to Watch the NBA Playoffs Online without Cable on Your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

The way I explained that is a bit confusing but those who play know what I mean. Also the superstars started as 93s and costed superstar tokens. Now IT4 is a 95 superstar and costs superstar tokens. The small problems are just things like making more gameplay graphics and little bug fixes.

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I hope you read this EA and make these things happen. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Hey, players! Incredible changes are hitting the hardwood, and you can now: The app works with Apple devices.

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After a quick sign-in, you can watch games live on any of the ESPN networks airing them. If you are just worried about watching the majority of the season, or your favorite team is not in your viewing area, this is a great option. Hulu Live includes most of the channels that a cord-cutter would need to watch the NBA on their favorite Apple device.

Plus, most areas also offer ABC. DirecTV Now is becoming popular due to the sheer number of channels that it offers — you can get between 60 and For NBA fans, that means that, with the exception of a few obscure regional sports channels, you will have all of the channels you need to watch the whole season. Add to Wishlist.

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